Secure your operations and optimize your dealership's IT infrastructure to enhance your absorption rate by guarding against cybersecurity incidents to prevent costly downtime disruptions and maintaining high employee productivity levels by minimizing IT interruptions.


What Risks Are You Taking with Your Dealership's Cybersecurity?

  • 84% of customers say they would not buy another vehicle from a dealership if a breach compromised their data.
  • Auto dealerships experienced an average of 16 days of downtime after a ransomware attack.
  • Dealerships had to pay an average of $228,125 following the attack.


Find Out How Your Dealership's IT and Security Compare to Industry Standards.

Proactive Cybersecurity Preparedness: Assess your business's readiness to respond to a cyber attack, enabling proactive measures for protection.

Risk Identification and Mitigation: Determine the potential for a costly data breach that could disrupt operations, allowing you to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize their remediation.

Incident Response Planning: Find out if you are properly prepared to recover quickly from a cybersecurity incident if you are attacked.

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What You Get—

You will have a 30-minute consultation with a security expert where we will ask you 27 questions about your business’s approach to security. We will analyze the findings of the questionnaire, compare your security practices to industry standards, and determine your business risk.

You will be presented with a customized report detailing your cybersecurity hygiene and suggested areas for improvement.


risk_lower_image_square_72dpiMinimize Your Cyber Risk.

Every dealership has unique needs. Our 27-Point Inspection helps you better understand which areas in your IT environment need the most attention so you can make informed decisions.

Using our 27-Point Inspection of your network and dealership security, you can identify the risks your business faces and determine your level of preparedness for cyber attack.

We will help you recognize any vulnerabilities that must be addressed and determine what should be improved upon.

You will also receive an informational, no-strings-attached conversation with a security expert. We want to help you be proactive with your cybersecurity efforts before it's too late.


Don't operate your business with blinders on—find and mitigate your security risks.


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