Compliance for Cyber Liability Insurance

Make Sure Your Insurance Policy Pays Out in the Event of a Breach.

Be Aware
Be Aware
Be Accurate
Be Accurate
Be Compliant
You thought you were covered.

Just when you thought you were covered.

A breach occurs and your claim is denied.
Let's review... you paid the bad actors and they get away with it. You paid the insurance premium but your policy can't pay up.
Now, you are subject to regulatory fines, penalties, and lawsuits. Your reputation is potentially destroyed. 
And, you have to live with knowing your business deserved better.

Best practices and due diligence = protection.

By implementing best practices, proving due diligence, and maintaining compliance—your business will be able to lower insurance risks while paying less on your premiums.

Take advantage of essential reporting and documentation required for Cyber Liability Insurance claim payouts and rest assured that you are protected in the case of a breach.

With a trusted advisor by your side, we will audit your compliance and address missing factors to keep the reputation of your business glowing, free from worry or penalty.

Gain the protection you paid for.

How it works.

Education, preparation, and documentation to ensure you are covered.

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Achieve Compliance
3. Achieve Compliance

Ensure you are actually insured.

Insurance doesn’t guarantee you are covered anymore. Too often we have witnessed businesses find that out the hard way. It is our mission to help you achieve compliance while maintaining a secure environment.

+ Coaching 1,000+ businesses on their IT needs.

+ 0 claims denied on our watch.

+ 99 real-time cyber risk reports to help you quickly identify red flags that could prevent payment.

Levels of Protection

Pick a plan that fits your compliance needs.

CLI Audit

Cyber Liability Insurance Audit

+ Bi-Annual Cyber Liability Scan

+ Cyber Risk Analysis Report

+ 12 Hours of Consultation Annually


Cyber Liability Compliance

+ Quarterly Cyber Liability Scan

+ Cyber Risk Analysis Report

+ Cyber Risk Change Summary

+ Cyber Risk Management Plan

+ 24 Hours of Consultation Annually

Complete Protection

Complete Protection

+ Quarterly Cyber Liability Scan

+ Cyber Risk Analysis Report

+ Cyber Risk Change Summary

+ Cyber Risk Management Plan

+ 24 Hours of Consultation Annually with Remediation

+ Secure IT Complete Care Services

It’s not a matter of “if” disaster strikes, but “when.”

And when it does, the last thing you need to learn is that your Cyber Liability Insurance Policy won't protect you due to coverage exceptions in the fine print.

Today, compliance is no longer negotiable, it’s a must.

If you visited this page, you are more than aware of why Cyber Liability Insurance is critical to your business. But, if you needed a quick reminder, here are a few eye-opening statistics:

  • Cybercrime increased by 11% in 2019.
  • Cybercrime is projected to cost companies more than $5 trillion dollars in 2020.
  • Companies will invest more than $7.5 billion dollars in cyber liability insurance in 2020.

And, with so much risk involved in payouts. Cyber liability policies include a buffer that has led to payouts that cover 0.02% of millions of dollars in damages.

The truth is, compliance requirements for cyber liability insurance can be incredibly complicated. Especially when you have to try to make sense of legal jargon that can minimize payouts and increase the loss ratio—the ratio of premiums to payouts. This is why we see so many claims get denied.

Maintaining compliance is achievable today. It just requires an ongoing commitment to proactive prevention actions, routine security assessments, and bulletproof documentation. It starts with understanding there is a huge risk for reduced payouts and then executing on a plan to shrink that risk.

Regardless of industry, reviewing and maintaining compliance standards is relatively the same. At One Step Secure IT, we help clients understand the expectations of compliance, establish policies and procedures to remain compliant, continuously evaluate compliance, address missing factors, and document everything, over and over again.

If you can demonstrate evidence in your favor prior to a cyber-related disaster, you will be able to make an undeniable claim for maximum payout.

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