Cyber Storm

by Scott Kreisberg

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Cyber Storm by Scott Kreisberg

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Protect Your Business and Assets from Hackers!

Business owners call Cyber Storm a “must-read.” The first step in protecting yourself from cyber criminals is being educated.

Cyber Storm offers business owners insight into the tactics they can use to protect themselves from data breaches and the resulting “cyber storm” of fines, lawsuits, and customer loss. 

Author and One Step CEO, Scott Kreisberg, knows that data breaches can cause major interruptions and cost big bucks. He points out that 60% of businesses close six months after a security breach.

After reading Cyber Storm you will know how to:

  • Prepare for a cyber attack
  • Educate your employees to act as your first line of defense
  • Keep viruses and malware off your network

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What People Are Saying About Cyber Storm


Greg Stott

President - Approach Capital Partners

Scott’s chapter “INSURE YOUR COMPANY’S SAFETY AND WELL-BEING” is a must-read for every business owner. It is a quick jump start to open the dialogue with your technology team to identify where you have potential exposure, what is the risk to your business, and where you can go to insure your Company’s well-being. In one short chapter, Scott Kreisberg wraps his arms around the daunting subject of cybersecurity and provides an excellent framework for a business owner to understand the world of cybersecurity. Scott shares his trade secrets from years of front-line experience and quickly gets the reader up to speed.



Larry Saltzman

President - Affordable IT Solutions, Inc.

If you are looking for a way to protect your business and your data from today’s growing cyber threats, then you must read this book. I have worked with Scott Kreisberg for over 26 years. His commitment and knowledge about the ongoing changes in technology will help you defend against today’s cyber attacks.



Greg Cohen

CEO - Fortis

Scott nailed it. I have been running commerce and technology businesses for years and the threats and risks continue to increase. A solid trusted partner that is an expert coupled with insurance as "belt and suspenders" is critical. Small businesses should be focused on their core offering while enlisting a best-in-class cyber partner so they provide their core offering to your ecosystem.

Don Capman

President - JD Associates

A successful business owner eats, sleeps, and drinks their business. Unfortunately, cybersecurity is often the last thing on their minds. After reading Scott Kreisberg’s chapter on cyber liability insurance, I can honestly say I had never even considered insuring my company against a potentially disastrous cyber attack. The truth being, I didn’t even realize such protection existed until reading this chapter! Scott has given me significant insights into my business vulnerabilities and how to minimize any damage that could possibly occur. I have known Scott Kreisberg for over 30 years and there is no one I would trust more to coordinate all my cyber security needs.



Linda Dawson

CPA - Dawson & Associates

The chapter on insuring your company’s safety and well-being really gave me pause for thought. We have taken plenty of measures to prevent a cyber attack but have not considered insurance an integral part of our technology plan. My next step will be to see what cyber liability coverage we have and whether we are complying with the requirements. I really like this two-pronged approach that addresses not only the best preventative measures but also ensures that if a cyber attack does occur, our insurance will cover the damages. It’s a smarter approach to cybersecurity.



Michael Kaplan

Brentwood Vacuum Company, Inc.

The information provided by Scott in Cyber Storm has been incredibly enlightening. As a small business owner myself, I had never put any thought into the area of liability due to a cyber crime, or the need for CLI. This has opened my eyes to the vulnerabilities faced by businesses like mine in the area of cyber crime and the tremendous financial harm that can come from it. This has opened my eyes to the need for both the proper proactive protection and insurance against these many types of cyber crimes. I am so appreciative of this information.



Joseph Cook

Certified Workers Compensation/Certified cyber Risk Manager/Insurance Consultant - The Arizona Group

Scott hits the nail on the head when describing the intersection of Cybersecurity Services and Cyber Liability Insurance; any operational entity in this day in age needs to have both for the greatest chance of preventing and surviving a cyber event. Gone are the days when being the victim of a cyber attack was few and far between, the time to act is now.



Michael Dattoma

President - The Bart Group Retail Solutions

The economic burden of ransomware and malware attacks falls squarely on businesses, and it is only going to get worse. There is no government bailout, only best practices to prevent a breach, and enough insurance coverage to protect yourself when it happens. Scott Kreisberg’s insights need to be heeded, and more importantly, acted upon.



Norbert Alexiou

CEO - Voila Media Inc.

In — “INSURE YOUR COMPANY’S SAFETY AND WELL-BEING”, cybersecurity expert Scott Kreisberg delivers an inspired framework based on his trade secret from years of front-line experience and rapidly gets the reader up to speed.

At the heart of a groundbreaking perspective, Scott takes readers on a journey toward the necessity of companies being insured against the threats brought on by the Digital Age, informed by discipline and realization —that, it's not a question of “if”— but “when.” — If you are in the know, you know a possible breach is coming. Through this helpful book, Scott provides a great structure for business owners to understand cybersecurity readiness and the importance of having an effective incident response plan.

Scott empowers business owners in educating the importance of “prevention, detection and response” and enlightens the true solution for financial recovery upon potential breach, is having a response strategy of having a phenomenal tool of Cyber Liability Insurance, at hand, in one’s solution-kit bag. He contends that the related costs may be more expensive than the actual ransom demanded or money stolen. Not to mention the expenses associated with business interruption, regulatory costs, and liability.

By the completion of this chapter, readers will strongly understand in having a cyber breach—you’ll be very happy to know you have Cyber Liability Insurance and that you are covered, but ideally, you want to have good cybersecurity in place, to mitigate that risk as much as possible. —Even in having health insurance, you still want to look both ways before you cross the road.

An elegant, and insightful MUST-READ, essential to insure the company's well-being—For those looking for supplemental knowledge, tips, and guidance toward their approach to Cyber Liability Insurance, Scott gives honest, accurate, and valuable steps which hold my highest recommendation.