Understanding the IT Resource Dilemma

It's no secret that many businesses today are limited by IT resources or lack specialized skills and knowledge in their IT department. This can cause an IT team to get overwhelmed by their workload, struggling to manage growing technology demands, and meet project deadlines.

Does the following sound familiar?

  • When an IT team falls behind, they are unable to seize IT opportunities to improve your business and they become less effective in staying current with cybersecurity measures to keep your business protected.
  • IT staff members are pushed to their limits—forced to work long hours, interrupted on weekends or during vacation, and have little time to further their skills with ongoing training.
  • Budget restrictions paired with the challenge of hiring and retaining top talent make it increasingly more difficult for executives to build an IT team that can support their business goals. This is especially troubling for companies that are big enough to require a complete IT department, but can't afford to make significant investments in talent or tools.

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Understanding the IT Resource Dilemma


Make Your Internal IT Team More Effective

Co-Managed IT is a new approach to IT that is designed to help growing businesses address gaps in IT services and support without the cost or challenge of building a reliable IT team or continually investing in modern IT tools.

Co-Managed IT is not about replacing your internal IT staff, but rather enhancing their capabilities and maximizing their time.

When a business forms a Co-Managed IT partnership with One Step Secure IT, we work together with your IT team to extend IT services and support, providing skilled IT professionals to complement your team, superior IT automation and management tools to make your team more efficient, and specialized expertise in cybersecurity, technology compliance, and IT Best Practices. Our Co-Managed IT clients enjoy peace of mind knowing there aren't any tech issues too big or complex for their business.

  • Your internal IT talent will be available to lead strategic technology initiatives.
  • Your business will be properly invested in security against growing cyber threats.
  • You will always have access to knowledgeable support whenever you need it.

Above all else, business leaders can rest assured that if their IT person or a critical IT team member were unavailable for any reason, we could step in and keep the business on track without disruption.

Make Your Internal IT Team More Effective

Benefits of a Co-Managed IT Partnership

Gain the advantages of a diverse and well-rounded IT department without the challenge of hiring, retaining, and investing in top IT talent.
Make your IT team more effective by filling in gaps that free them up to be more productive in areas where you need them most.
Use current IT automation and management tools to help prioritize and resolve issues quicker, simplify processes, and improve communication.
Minimize your risk of a cyber incident by implementing proven cybersecurity protections, Best Practices, and employee awareness training.
Access on-demand IT support and technical resources without having to worry about availability due to after hours, weekends, vacation, or sick days.
Collaborate with experienced IT professionals that specialize in cybersecurity, compliance, cloud, and technology consulting.
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Strong Security Calls for a Strong Team

We have been using One Step for several months now and the service, knowledge, and expertise has been great. Support is very prompt and our monthly one-on-one health checks have been very informative. Our systems are more secure and healthier than they have ever been and we appreciate all the help and support we have been given from our team at One Step Secure IT Services!