Prioritize Security to Propel Your Business Forward

You are concerned for the security of your business assets as you understand the crucial role secure information and data plays in fostering success in today's digital landscape.

Determined to address potential risks associated with inadequate security measures, you are committed to safeguarding your business's physical and digital assets with utmost care and diligence. You recognize the importance of cultivating a security-conscious culture among your employees and vendors. 

Embrace the guidance of certified information security experts to reinforce your business's security, mitigate potential losses, and unlock its full potential in a fast-paced, competitive environment.

Concerned business owner.

Your (CISSP) virtual Chief Information Security Officer is Here to Guide Your Business

Gain invaluable insight and guidance for your business’ security from a performance-driven Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCiSO) with with an impressive CISSP certification and years of dynamic experience. 

Your vCiSO serves as a valuable board-level resource, seamlessly integrating with your organization to oversee security strategy & planning, security budgeting, regulatory programs, and risk assessments.

Collaborating closely with you and your team, your information security officer will devise a strategic action plan, ensuring your business is fortified against threats and vulnerabilities both inside and outside your network.

One Step's CISSP vCSO

Achieve Business Continuity & Security with Our vCiSO Driven Process

risk assessment icon
Risk Assessment
Comprehensive Threat Evaluation: Your vCiSO conducts a thorough risk assessment of your business to identify security vulnerabilities. This vital first step enables effective prioritization and resource allocation to tackle pressing concerns.
Analysis Icon
In-Depth Analysis
Findings Review: Your vCiSO presents a detailed analysis of the findings, highlighting vulnerabilities that require immediate attention. This comprehensive evaluation empowers your organization to address security gaps effectively.
Action Plan Icon
Action Plan
Tailored Security Roadmap: Your vCiSO develops a strategic action plan and robust business continuity plan to minimize disruptions and ensure swift recovery. This approach reinforces your security posture and aligns with industry best practices.
Business Continuity
Business Continuity
Ongoing Improvements: Your vCiSO conducts regular reviews, tracking the progress of security initiatives and the effectiveness of your business continuity, keeping your organization prepared for evolving threats and disruptions.

Your vCiSO is Ready to Help

Secure your business digitally and physically.

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The Risks of Neglecting Security Measures

Operating your business with weak security exposes it to significant risks, potentially leading to revenue losses and even personal liability.

Without guidance on implementing established security best practices, your business remains vulnerable in an environment of ever-evolving and sophisticated threats.

Ignorance is not bliss in the realm of security. Recognizing the need to bolster your security strategy, yet lacking the necessary expertise, leaves your business at risk in an increasingly perilous digital landscape.

Leaving the door open to cyber criminals.

Reap the Rewards of a Secure Business

Your Security Officer collaborates with you to thwart unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, and destruction of sensitive data, effectively preventing information security catastrophes.

Empower your employees and vendors to handle sensitive information with utmost care and discretion, protecting the foundations of your business.

Experience peace of mind, and business continuity, knowing your company operates with robust security measures in place, freeing you to concentrate on business growth and expansion.

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Feel at ease knowing your company is secure.

(IS) Information Security Service Highlights

vCSO Consultation
vCiSO Consultation
Engage in personalized consultations with your vCiSO, who offers expert guidance on your organization's security strategy. From assessing your current security posture to implementing best practices, your vCiSO will be an invaluable resource in managing threats, optimizing security processes, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and agencies.
Risk Assessment Icon
Risk Assessment Audit
Undergo a comprehensive risk assessment audit, examining your organization's IT infrastructure, processes, and policies. This in-depth evaluation identifies potential vulnerabilities and high-risk areas, helping prioritize security initiatives and allocate resources effectively, while providing actionable insights and a clear understanding of your security posture.
Incident Response Plan Icon
Incident Response Plan
Develop a well-defined incident response plan with your vCiSO to efficiently detect, contain, and recover from security incidents and breaches. This proactive approach minimizes impact, mitigates risks, and reduces recovery time. Your vCiSO will guide you in creating a tailored plan, covering incident identification, communication protocol, containment strategy, and analysis.
Penetration Test Icon
Penetration/Compliance Scan
Experience thorough assessments with a combination of comprehensive penetration testing and NIST-CSF scans. Our experts simulate real-world cyberattacks to identify vulnerabilities and assess your defenses. NIST-CSF scans evaluate your organization's alignment with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework's best practices, ensuring compliance with industry standards.
Assessing access points in the building Icon
Physical Security Assessment
Assess the effectiveness of your organization's physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access, theft, or damage. Your vCiSO will evaluate the security of your premises, pinpoint vulnerabilities, and provide suggestions to protect your vital assets and staff. This comprehensive review ensures robust security to safeguard against digital and physical threats to your business.
One Step provides a plan to ensure business continuity
Business Continuity Plan
Establish a strong security infrastructure to ensure continuous operation of vital business functions, even during unforeseen disruptions like cyberattacks, natural disasters, or equipment failures. This forward-thinking strategy minimizes downtime, ensuring your organization remains agile and well-prepared for unexpected events.

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