You're Ready to Secure Your Information

You feel the pressure of operating your business without proper security measures in place to safeguard what you have built.

You are concerned that your employees and vendors are not handling your business assets with care and discretion.

You worry about losing money and your business assets but don’t know where to start. You need the help of a certified information security expert.

Concerned business owner.

Our (CISSP) Security Officer is Here to Guide You

Gain invaluable insight into your business’ security from a performance-driven Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO) with years of dynamic experience. 

With your vCSO, you will retain a board-level resource who can virtually sit inside your company to manage your security strategy, budget, and regulatory programs while reviewing your risks.

Your security officer will create a strategic plan and work side by side with you or your team to secure your business on all fronts.

One Step's CISSP vCSO

Business Continuity Plan with Your vCSO

Threat Assessment
vCSO conducts a thorough risk assessment of your business to identify security vulnerabilities
vCSO presents a comprehensive analysis of the findings needed to remediate glaring issues
Action Plan
Action Plan
vCSO creates a plan of action and establishes key milestones for your organization to implement
Business Continuity
Business Continuity
vCSO conducts regular reviews for ongoing management of your business security

Your vCSO Is Ready to Help

Secure your business digitally and physically.


The Consequences of Weak Security

You continue to operate your business with high-security risks, which leaves the door open to loss of revenue or even personal liability.

With no one to guide you toward established security best practices, you are defenseless in a world of complex and constant threats.

What you don't know can hurt you. You know you need to strengthen your security strategy, but you don’t have the expertise.

Leaving the door open to cyber criminals.

The Benefits of Being Secure

Our Security Officer will work with you to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, disruption, and destruction of sensitive data to prevent information security disasters.

Your employees and vendors are now equipped to handle your sensitive information with care and discretion, safeguarding what you have built.

You feel at ease knowing your company is operating with proper security measures, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Feel at ease knowing your company is secure.

Security Service Highlights

vCSO Consultation
vCSO Consultation
Your vCSO will help your business make security decisions, understand security threats, and optimize security processes.
Risk Assessment Icon
Risk Assessment Audit
You'll get an overview of your business systems and the potential vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.
Incident Response Plan Icon
Incident Response Plan
You'll receive expert guidance through potential crises and get a roadmap toward recovery if disaster strikes.
Penetration Test Icon
Penetration/Compliance Scan
Our security testing experts will conduct quarterly scans to evaluate your environment and identify new vulnerabilities.

Get started securing your business.

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