Does This Sound like You?

Humbly Exceptional
You are a compass, always setting a positive example. You work fearlessly with a purpose, energizing, engaging, and inspiring others to do their best.
Imagine the Possibilities
You are never afraid to try something new. You’re optimistic, share your ideas, and always look for a better, smarter, and more strategic way of doing things.
All In, All the Time
You understand that it takes every team member working together to elevate the organization. You are ridiculously responsive and strive to deliver WOW!
Always Be Learning
Always Be Learning
You are committed to growth and development, fostering curiosity, self-improvement, and knowledge sharing.

Life Is Good at One Step

One Step is home to a team of passionate highfliers that value collaboration and creativity. Come join the One Step family and help us soar to new heights.

One Step Wows

We go above and beyond for our team in all aspects of life.

Insurance, Health, and Wellness
Our comprehensive health plans include Premium Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Aflac coverage. Choose a plan that best meets your lifestyle.
Growth and Development
Learn and grow with us. One Step has opportunities for ongoing education, career development, and training in addition to several benefits based on tenure.
Future Planning
We offer a company-sponsored 401(k) plan with matching contributions and no vesting, so you can plan for your future on your own terms.
Perks at Work MarketPlace
Experience buying power you didn’t know existed. As part of our employment program, receive exclusive savings at more than 30,000 merchants nationwide and earn WOWPoints as you shop and redeem your rewards.
Vacation, Time Off, and Sick Time
We promote a healthy work-life balance. Your vacation plan increases with your duration at our company. We also offer generous sick time and paid holidays for our full-time team members.
The Fun Stuff
Numerous holiday parties, charity outreach opportunities, and customer-facing events give us a chance to connect with each other, our community, and our customers.

Our Hiring Process

Interested in joining our team? Learn what to expect when you apply to One Step.

1. Apply


Not only should interests, skills, and achievements be aligned with the job profile, but candidates must also fit with the One Step culture in order to be happy and successful.

2. Review


Our professional People and Culture Team carefully considers each submission for available positions at One Step.

3. Interviews


Our comprehensive competencies-based testing and interviewing process helps the hiring team identify candidates who personify our core values and who are potential long-term fits for the One Step framily. It is also an opportunity for the candidate to interview One Step so they are confident in their choice to join the team. The exact sequence will vary, but typically includes testing and a two- to three-step interview process.

4. Offer


When it is determined that the candidate will contribute to the overall company’s success and thrive personally as a valuable part of the One Step culture, an offer is extended.

5. Onboarding


Once the new team member arrives on their first day, members of the One Step framily will work hand in hand to ensure they are acclimated to life at One Step and ready for success.

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Bring your special talents to One Step and become whom you were meant to be.


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