What Risks Are You Taking with Your Business' Cybersecurity

Last year, 66% of businesses were hit by ransomware attacks.

The average ransom paid out by small to medium-sized businesses was $812,000.

Businesses were halted for 22 days on average, following the attack, leaving their businesses unable to operate.

Business closed as they attempt to remediate the problems caused by the cyber attack.

Why Complete a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Learn if your business is prepared to respond to a cyber attack so you can take proactive steps to protect your business.

You'll know if you are at risk of a costly data breach that could halt your operations.

You will have an understanding of your vulnerabilities so you can prioritize remediation.

Learn if you have an effective incident response plan to get your business back up and running if or when an attack does occur.

You will have a better understanding of how effective your current cybersecurity efforts are and if your systems are being properly maintained and updated.

A business owner reviewing the findings provided by One Step's Cybersecurity Risk Assessment.

What to Expect

Consultation with One Step Secure IT experts.
Expert Consultation
Have a 30-minute consultation with a security expert who will ask you 27 questions about your business's security approach, diving deep into your current practices and concerns
Analyzing the findings of the questionnaire.
Comprehensive Analysis
Our team will thoroughly analyze the questionnaire findings to determine your business's risk level and identify potential vulnerabilities within your security posture
Actionable insights from the risk assessment.
Actionable Insights
Receive a customized report that details your cybersecurity hygiene and highlights areas for improvement. Use these insights to bolster your organization's security measures

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