Acting as an Extension of Your Team

Tailoring our approach to your business means our team works one-on-one with yours. Your Virtual CIO works closely with senior leadership to identify and meet strategic IT initiatives, while our Network Administrator uses the latest infrastructure management tools to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

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One Step is an extension of your team.

How It Works

Discovery, consultation, and business analysis
Our team reviews and evaluates your existing IT infrastructure and policies, helping you adhere to industry standards.
Environment and system gap assessments
We conduct a complete audit of all systems and processes to determine your current alignment with IT best practices.
Strategic planning and business goal alignment
Your Virtual CIO works with your leadership to prioritize key IT initiatives and develop your technology roadmap.
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Asset inventory and standard configuration
We install asset tracking and utilities on all devices, including remote monitoring to properly manage your environment.
Device check
Our team verifies all backups are running and restorable, and applies the latest OS patches, security updates, and virus definitions.
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We verify that your environment is well documented so we can track each device for identification, reliability, and support analysis.
Security settings
We define network requirements, security policies, firewall settings, remote access control, file management, and more to secure your network.
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Compliance services
We perform HIPAA, NIST, and PCI scanning and monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and help you achieve proper compliance.
Reporting and analysis
Together we will determine reporting and scheduling needs for monthly Virtual CIO and Network Administrator review.

Committed to Keeping Your Business Running Optimally and Securing Your Environment in an Increasingly Unsecure World

One Step Secure IT is Your Technology Partner

Free up your time to focus on strategic initiatives and let us improve the efficiency, security, and reliability of your network environment. Your dedicated One Step Virtual CIO and Network Administrator act as strategic technology partners, working with your existing IT resources and company leadership to implement and maintain IT best practices, helping ensure your technology is safe, secure, and scalable.


Training Your Team

As your environment is being configured, your personal Network Administrator will train end-users. Security and best practices are continuously reinforced, with ongoing adjustments to ensure your business is always in alignment with the most up-to-date standards. Your Network Administrator also implements and maintains system deliverables and technical standards across your organization.


Proactive Support

Our team monitors your network all day, every day to identify risks, improve performance, and conduct regular preventative maintenance. We also manage patch, operating system, and security updates. With automated triggers, alert prioritization, and fast incident response, we keep your systems, devices, and business up and running.


Email Education

Your security is only as tight as your first line of defense: your employees. That’s why we continually work with you to educate your employees on precautions they can take to identify and prevent malicious cyberattacks. They’ll learn about the risks of email breaches and then undergo simulated phishing attacks to test their knowledge.


Dark Web Monitoring

Our team performs an initial scan of more than 600,000 websites to determine if your company’s credentials, such as usernames and passwords, are exposed. We help remediate any issues and perform ongoing scans to check for employee and customer data on private websites, black market sites, and more.

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