Fresh Eyes See Things Others Cannot

According to OWASP, pen testers succeeded in breaching the network perimeter and accessed the local network of 93% of tested companies.

At 61% of the companies, they found at least one simple way to obtain control of infrastructure.

47% of all pen tester's actions blend in with the usual activities of users or administrators, so attacks may go unnoticed.

Fresh eyes see things other cannot.

What to Expect

Initiate the test by clicking on the url.
Test Initiation
We send you a Pen Test link for you to click on, simulating what happens when a malicious link in an email is clicked
The pen test runs through your network to see any vulenrabilities.
Penetration Test Execution
Let the pen test run. On average, this takes between five minutes to an hour. Go about your normal routine as it runs
Comprehensive Analysis
We analyze the results of your pen test and present our findings as to what a hacker would find on your network
Actionable insights from the risk assessment.
Actionable Insights
We provide comprehensive insights into how you should remedy any major issues and improve your cybersecurity posture

What You'll Find Out

After the Pen Test, you will have a better understanding of where your network and system vulnerabilities lie and understand your risk. We will review our findings which will include:

  • Security Patches Weaknesses
  • Vulnerability Management Issues
  • Network Perimeter Defenses
  • Crackable Passwords
  • High-Risk Data Leaks
  • Malware Defenses
One Step security expert reviewing the findings of the Pen test with business owner.

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