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We provide a No Cost sample Penetration Test and a 30-60 minute meeting, offering guidance and a move forward plan, with one of our top One Step Secure IT consultants. We’ve been conducting Penetration Tests for years now, and we've truly perfected the process of helping businesses like yours.

A Penetration Test is a cybersecurity measure used to test the security of a computer system or network. A pen tester attempts to find weaknesses in your system by simulating an attack from a real-world cyber criminal.

After the No Cost Sample Penetration Test and Consultation, you will: 

  • Know about the vulnerabilities existing in your systems
  • Learn how your business can address the vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can exploit them 
  • Understand the effectiveness of your current cybersecurity measures
  • Prepare employees for the latest cybersecurity threats
  • Gain Insights to improve your incident response plan
  • Learn how your business can create stronger cybersecurity defenses

Once we have a clear picture of your current systems' state, health, and performance, we’ll then deliver a customized report of our findings. In addition, our cybersecurity experts will recommend a plan of action to get you on track toward a more secure business. The next step is up to you.

Get a credible third-party validation of your IT systems' security, stability, and efficiency with our No Cost Sample Penetration Test—fresh eyes see things others cannot.

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"We felt it was very important to not only understand our systems from the view of a third-party looking in but also to be able to create a roadmap to address what we need to work on."

– Duane Wilkes, CFO at Berge Auto Group

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