How Much Will a Cyberattack Cost Your Enterprise?

Most businesses can’t afford to find out. In addition to downtime, a cyberattack or other disaster can impact your reputation and profitability. Strengthen your environment against daily threats from viruses, hackers, data loss, system failure, and more, rather than risking damage to your business.

Cyberattack Cost


The Difference Between Business Continuity and Crisis Mode

Break-fix IT solutions troubleshoot issues as they arise, leaving little incentive for detection or prevention. One Step Secure IT fixes issues as they arise, but focuses on preventing them from happening in the first place. That means you stay up and running without IT distractions keeping you from achieving your business goals.

Managed IT Solution


Offload the Heavy Lifting of Your IT Infrastructure

In addition to a Virtual CIO and Network Administrator, you’re backed by our national team providing:

  • 24/7 automated monitoring of IT systems and devices
  • Automated critical and patch updates
  • Advanced anti-virus, malware, spyware, and ransomware tools
  • Automated file- and image-level cloud backups
  • Password best practice training and management using a self-service password vault account for every employee
  • Firewall content management services
  • Compliance with HIPAA, PCI, CLI, GDPR, and NIST CSF  standards
  • Dark web scanning and monitoring
  • SIEM management that detects malicious behavior and strengthens the defenses in your enterprise environment
IT Services - What you get
Reduce interruptions to business flow through automated triggers, prioritization of alerts, and fast, proactive incident response.
Minimize security vulnerabilities and protect your system from the latest security threats with sophisticated countermeasure tools.
Ensure your data is protected during a drive crash, internet outage, or natural disaster, and allow for faster disaster recovery.
Enhance enterprise network security and protection from hackers by enforcing IT best practices and implementing SIEM management.
Control unwanted access to harmful websites and protect your system against outside threats.
Uncover past or current breaches so you can protect your personal and business information.

Process-Driven IT Management Methodology

Developed and refined over the course of 36 years, our methodology is tailored to your business. We’ll take a deep dive to understand your company, its challenges, and goals before working closely with your team to develop a roadmap that will ensure your technology and IT strategy help drive your business forward.

Proven Onboarding

Proven Onboarding Process

Evaluating more than 100 unique IT categories, our team identifies and prioritizes their impact on your business. Armed with a game plan for closing current gaps and preparing for future challenges, we help you implement and maintain IT best practices, systems deliverables, and technology standards throughout your organization.

See Our Approach
Our extended team

Your Extended Team

Let our team focus on your technology. Your One Step Secure IT team includes:

  • Dedicated Virtual CIO: Works directly with your leadership on an ongoing basis to prioritize key IT initiatives, budgets, and develop a technology roadmap. 
  • Dedicated Network Administrator: Implements and maintains IT best practices, system deliverables, and technical standards throughout your organization.
  • Centralized Services: Monitors your network around the clock to identify potential risks, while also managing updates, improving system performance, and conducting regular preventative maintenance.
  • Certified Help Desk: Supports end users to address IT- or network-related issues.
Employee Training

Employee Training

Your employees are some of your company’s greatest assets for preventing cyberattacks. Ongoing security best practice alignment, training, and monitoring help your employees take the proper precautions, while simulations test their ability to identify and prevent malicious phishing attacks.