Managing a Network System Requires More than Keeping the Hardware Running

With increasingly sophisticated methods being used by cybercriminals, it’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll be breached. Our job is to do everything possible to keep your system safe, and if a breach occurs, take the lead to remediate according to mandated regulations and maintain business continuity with minimal downtime or disruption.

Why You Need CyberSecurity


An Effective Combination of Technology, Processes, and Education

Implementing the right technology and processes, One Step monitors your system 24/7 while proactively working toward greater security awareness with your employees. We also go a step further, looking for breached personal information on the Dark Web so we can help you take immediate steps to minimize your risk.

What We Do


Advanced Security, Reporting, and Compliance Capabilities

One Step’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provides our enterprise clients with the highest levels of security and system transparency, including:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Fully auditable reports
  • Threat intelligence 
  • Log management
  • Ongoing consulting
  • Threat protection and correlation
  • Real-time alerts
  • Actionable analytics


What You Get


Stay Current with Industry Requirements and IT Best Practices

More and more industries require compliance with specific standards. Failure to comply can have serious consequences, including loss of revenue—or even your business. Our team will help you comply with these often difficult-to-understand regulations, such as HIPAA, NIST, and PCI, reevaluating processes and procedures on a regular basis to support continuous improvement.

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Stay Current with Best Practices
A sophisticated suite of tools protecting your business against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and more, that minimize security vulnerabilities
Automated triggers, prioritization, and proactive incident response that reduce business interruptions
Fully managed security lifecycle with 24/7 coverage focused on preventing attacks in the first place
Enhanced network security and protection from hackers with employee training
Scalable IT solutions to meet your growth needs
Data protection during a drive crash, internet outage, or natural disaster with faster disaster recovery

A Proven IT Management Methodology

Developed and refined over the course of 36 years, our methodology is tailored to your business. We’ll take a complete look at your company’s current security solutions before working with your leadership to close any and all gaps from internal and external threats.


Onboarding and Implementation

We’re invested in the success of your technology. Our typical onboarding process lasts 90 days and delivers a detailed assessment of your entire IT infrastructure and a prioritized strategy for tackling your goals within budget.

See Our Approach

Your Extended Team

Going steps beyond a traditional MSP, One Step embeds industry best practices within your organization with the help of your own Network Administrator. Your dedicated Virtual CIO will meet with leadership on an ongoing basis to make adjustments to your strategy to keep up with ever-evolving cyberthreats.

Employee Trainining

Employee Training

Your employees should be some of your company’s greatest assets in preventing cyberattacks. Ongoing security best practice alignment, password management, email education, training, and monitoring help your employees take the proper precautions, while simulations test their ability to identify and prevent malicious phishing attacks.