Most companies would like to believe that they would be able to weather the storm of a cyber attack, but you might be surprised to find out that small businesses stand in a category of their ownleast prepared for cyber threats (as reported by the Wall Street Journal). 

Pair that with the fact that 60% of small business close within 6 months of a cyber incident, and it’s easy to see why it is more important than ever to have IT support your business can truly rely on. 

IT acts as the backbone to your business’ operations by following through on best practices, monitoring your network, and maintaining the overall security of your devices. Your business depends on the support of your IT team to keep your data, employees, and customers safe.  

The last thing you need is an IT team that doesn’t deliver on their promise of security, leaving your business vulnerable to cyber threats. Even the smallest vulnerability leaves room for malicious cybercriminals to “knock the power out” and bring your operations to a standstill.

Unsure if your business is properly protected? Let’s Talk About IT. 

In this video, Scott Kreisberg, CEO and founder of One Step Secure IT, addresses five important questions every small business must ask their IT service provider to make sure they are completely protected.  

If your IT team can’t answer these 5 critical questions, you should consider your business at risk for a devastating breach.  

Here are The 5 Questions to Ask Your Current IT Provider


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