Coming up with passwords can be an annoying task, right? 

Passwords can be a hassle, especially when so many different accounts need them. Cybersecurity experts recommend changing your passwords regularly to make your accounts more secure. Here is how you can create passwords efficiently: 

1. Bruce Schneier's Password Method

Bruce Schneier is a cybersecurity expert who created a method for creating strong passwords. The method involves taking a memorable sentence and turning it into a password. 

It could be a short quote, a song lyric, the title of your favorite book, or just a phrase that is memorable for you.  

Here are a few examples: 

  • My pet patches is a pug = MYp!P@iSaP? 

  • I love peanut butter pretzels = 1<3PnUt.Btt3r.PtZL! 

  • Try bathing your dog once a day = TbURd1@d 

2. Online Password Generator  

You can get a strong randomly generated password with an online password generator. The is a valuable tool to get yourself a strong password. 

The site allows you to choose the length of the password and if you would like special characters, uppercase letters, or numbers. 

These passwords are nearly impossible to guess, which is great to ward off hackers, but not so great if you don’t write the password down somewhere. 

Cyber Tip Takeaway 

  • The longer the password, the better — we recommend at least 12 characters 

  • Don’t use memorable keyboard paths (ex. QWERTY)  

  • Use a unique password for each account you have 

  • Don’t use personal information  

Keep your passwords strong! 

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