Many businesses still rely on the “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. And, when something does happen to break, they determine it’s easier to opt for a “Band-Aid® solution”, rather than solving the real issue. This kind of behavior is considered reactive, not to be confused with proactive. While reactive may “get by” in some scenarios, in most cases it will lead to much larger and more costly problems.

For example, when it comes to a company’s network security, a reactive approach can have severe consequences, there’s a very thin line between survival and catastrophe. In our experience, a lot can go wrong with technology. When you consider a steady rise in cyber attacks paired with other common disruptions like data loss, equipment failure, and outages—the most effective way to avoid disaster is by taking a proactive approach to IT.

Not too long ago, reactive IT support was all that a business knew. When a problem occurred, that was a signal for the IT Department to get to work. In today’s complex, technology driven business environment, a reactive approach really doesn’t stand a chance against modern threats. With cyber criminals busier than ever before, the belief that your business is too small or not famous enough to be on a hacker’s radar is simply not true anymore.

This kind of false confidence can leave your business extremely vulnerable to attack. Maintaining an “it’s not a matter of if, but when” outlook on cybersecurity will help your business become more aware of the ways hackers try to breach your network and more productive in keeping cyber criminals at bay.

Businesses that have prioritized cybersecurity and recognize how important high performing IT is to the success of their business understand the value of proactive technology support. This realization has caused many companies to move away from break-fix or reactive IT models to form partnerships with IT Services and Security Companies that specialize in proactive support. These partnerships are meant to relieve some of the heavy lifting from your team while also providing the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to make sure your technology is delivering a competitive advantage

Let’s review a few of the reasons why we are seeing more businesses invest in proactive IT support, seeking peace of mind with the help of an IT Partner.

Your customers.

Today, every company is a technology company. Whether you believe that or not, I think we can agree that it would be very difficult to do business or stay connected to customers without technology. As we become more reliant on technology, customer trust and data privacy will only continue to grow in importance, taking center stage in your business strategy. Showing your customers that protecting your systems and their personal data comes first will help your business build trust. During a time when customer loyalty comes at a premium, putting an emphasis on security could be the differentiator that keeps customers coming back and potentially even referring you to more business too.

Your resources.

It’s no secret that IT is often limited by skills and resources. Many small to mid-sized businesses are forced to “manage” with a single person or insufficient IT department due to budget restrictions or hiring woes. Unfortunately, this can cause your IT team to spread thin fast. Between providing everyday support, maintaining network security, performing data backups, and working on other technology initiatives like enhancing customer experiences and improving business processes—you can see how quickly this all adds up. What happens if your IT lead calls in sick, or worse, takes a week off for vacation? I bet it’s hard to imagine who will juggle support requests while keeping an eye on the network. Even if your team is agile enough, it’s not uncommon to lack the specialized knowledge required for cybersecurity or regulatory compliance. By partnering with an IT services company, you can rest easy knowing you have the hands, expertise, and tools you need to solve the toughest IT challenges. Your IT lead can book that vacation too!

Your sanity.

Catch hidden issues before they expose your network to BIG problems, that’s the name of the game. Proactive IT services companies will help you do just that. With 24/7/365 around the clock monitoring and analysis of your network, your business will be more effective at spotting and correcting issues before any damage or unwanted costs arise. This will also include carefully reviewing your service tickets by each device to determine if any of your technologies are showing symptoms of decline and need to be repaired or replaced. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes it easy for your business to plan with certainty. A proactive IT services partner will help your business remain in alignment with IT best practices used to diminish downtime and shut down cyber threats, allowing you the headspace to focus on your business.

It’s a new day and IT’s role in the future of business is becoming more and more impactful. This year alone, we are seeing the biggest IT budget increases in history with more than half of all businesses focused on improving cybersecurity. By introducing a proactive approach to IT support and security with the help of a trusted IT partner, your business can stay current with changing technology and ahead of costly vulnerabilities. Complement the efforts of your team with the tools, resources, and knowledge to be successful in a modern business environment.