Nowadays, we spend most of the time online, whether working, learning a new skill, or shopping, and the number of scam opportunities online are limitless. Stay safe while online shopping with these top 5 practices: 

1. Use caution when shopping online

Only use secure devices that belong to you and secure WiFi/networks when shopping online. Opt for a third-party payment service where you don't need to give the merchant your credit card information directly (PayPal may be a good way to avoid having your card info stolen or hacked). 

2. Only shop on secure sites to avoid scams

A secure site's URL should start with HTTPS, not HTTP. Look for the lock icon in the search bar. 

3. Phishing scam awareness

Make sure you, your family, and your employees are educated about the signs of a phishing scam: Slow down and evaluate emails carefully before clicking or taking action on any offer. 

4. Keep an eye out for strange requests

Spelling and grammar mistakes, flashy clickbait content, and other things that may seem “off.”

5. Be careful on social media.

Refuse to transfer money, send gift cards, or wire money to anyone you meet online. If you want to shop for an item you saw on a social platform, we suggest going directly to a verified website.

Bonus Tip: Ensure Safe Delivery of Your Packages

Your online shopping experience doesn’t end when your order is submitted – and safe delivery of your packages is key. Here are a few tips to help ensure you get what you ordered:

  • Track your package step-by-step by signing up for shipping email or text alerts.
  • Consider installing a smart doorbell camera to deter theft and get real-time alerts.

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