IT Support for North Phoenix Businesses, Without the Headaches

Technology should make it easier for you to run your business and meet the needs of your customers, period. However, when you are forced to deal with chronic IT issues, it can quickly become a frustrating experience for your business. Small businesses in North Phoenix can’t afford to waste any time fixing IT issues or waiting around for IT support to respond. Your technology should ultimately be supporting the future growth of your business, not causing you a headache.

If your business is located in North Phoenix, including Paradise Valley, North Mountain, Deer Valley, Desert View, North Gateway, and nearby cities—One Step Secure IT is ready to help cure your technology woes and provide unparalleled IT services and IT support. Our team is made up of more than 50 of the Phoenix Valley’s most talented IT professionals and specializes in Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, IT Compliance, and Technology Consulting. Your business will gain peace of mind knowing that all of your IT concerns are being addressed by the best of the best.

Our proven approach to IT services is designed to keep your North Phoenix business on the road to success without any obstacles slowing you down. One Step Secure IT is dedicated to securing and supporting your technological environment and IT infrastructure. If you are a business in North Phoenix in search of reliable IT support—give us a call today and learn more about how we can help you.

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IT Support and IT Services for North Phoenix

IT Services and IT Support for North Phoenix Businesses

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services
One Step Secure IT becomes your IT team, handling all technology responsibilities while keeping your business productive and protected.
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We work together with your business to standardize cybersecurity best practices and reduce your risk from cyber threats and security risks.
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IT Compliance
IT Compliance
We make maintaining state and industry compliance regulations simple for your business with step-by-step guidance that eases the compliance process.
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Co-Managed IT Services
Co-Managed IT
Share your IT duties with a trusted partner like One Step Secure IT and elevate your internal IT team with powerful tools, resources, and talent.
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Why North Phoenix Businesses Choose One Step Secure IT


Peace of mind.
With cyber attacks occurring more often and becoming more costly, cybersecurity must be a top priority for your business today. Who better to watch over your business environment than the IT Company with security in their name—One Step Secure IT. Cybersecurity is our specialty! Our team ,will monitor your systems 24/7, apply cybersecurity Best Practices, and provide the latest cybersecurity tools and training to make sure your data and devices remain protected at all times, while also preparing your employees to be your first line of defense against cyber threats.


No unexpected costs.
Say goodbye to unexpected IT costs with One Step Secure IT. We carefully audit all of your assets, closely track when warranties expire, and use a proven methodology we have developed over 35 years to accurately predict when your technology will be decommissioned. No more bad surprises. You will always be aware of upcoming technology costs and investments, making it easier to budget and plan in advance.


Not our first rodeo.
Since our start in 1985, we have worked with more than 1500 businesses, across many industries, to provide reliable IT services and IT support. We recognize that no two businesses are the same and that a successful partnership with your business requires a deep understanding of your environment and a customized approach to IT that considers your resources, goals, and budget. With One Step Secure IT in your corner, there won’t be any IT issues that we haven’t seen or don’t know how to handle for your business. However, in our experience, it’s better to prevent those issues from arising in the first place and that’s what we plan to do for you.

Our Clients Love Us!

There is Nothing More Important to a Business Owner than Peace of Mind

I think the advantage [of working with One Step Secure IT] is really having someone help us understand and work through all the holes in our system and how we plug them because prior to that you just feel like a sitting duck, and you have no idea what to do to stop the hackers. It’s really a nice level of security knowing that we’ve done the most that we can do for our size, for what we do—we are doing the most that we can do to protect ourselves.

–Sandra Wycoff, Owner of Chatham T Company


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