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More than 36 years providing Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, and IT Compliance to innovative businesses.

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Increasing the reliability, security, and value of your technology.

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services
Gain the technology expertise, specialized skills, and additional support your business needs to remain productive and protected in today’s digital world.
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Cybersecurity Solutions
Cybersecurity Solutions
Reduce risk and increase security for your business with proven solutions, cybersecurity best practices, 24/7 system monitoring, and employee training.
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IT Compliance
IT Compliance
Navigate complex state and industry regulatory requirements with compliance professionals to guide you each step of the way.
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6 Things One Step Secure IT Does Better

36 years of service and support
We share multi-decade relationships with nationally recognizable clients, showing how deeply our clients can trust us and how well we can manage their technology needs.
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
We faithfully execute on cybersecurity best practices, applying the same strategies and tools we use internally to keep bad actors from playing a negative role in your company’s story.
Compliance specialization
Compliance specialization
Compliance is no longer negotiable, it’s a must. We work with our clients to establish policies and procedures to achieve and maintain compliance with strong documentation.
Trusted partner network
Trusted partner network
With access to our vast network of technology partners, you have the most effective systems and strategies for advanced IT performance, cybersecurity, and operational efficiency.
No surprises
No surprises
We carefully audit all of your assets, closely track when warranties expire, and use a proven methodology so our clients are always prepared and can plan for upcoming investments.
Our culture is contagious
Our culture is contagious
We embrace data security and train our team, and yours, to be the greatest asset in protecting sensitive information. We work side by side to find smarter, and more strategic ways to deliver WOW.

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Our No Hostage Guarantee

Everybody guarantees satisfaction, we do as well. But far too often, you end up becoming just another client in the queue.

  • Response time is slow
  • They don't understand your business
  • IT glitches are wasting time
  • Unexpected costs arise
  • You are handcuffed to a long-term contract

We believe in giving you the freedom to run your business the way you need to. When you partner with One Step Secure IT, you share the keys to your technology without turning over the master key to your business. We always keep your best interest at heart with no hidden agenda.

Our No Hostage Guarantee Our No Hostage Guarantee

The Technology Partnership You Need

For 35 years, One Step Secure IT has helped more than 1,500 clients implement, customize, and support technology solutions.

Our nationwide team of 50+ employees, share 519 years of combined experience, specializing in Cybersecurity Protections, Technology Compliance, and ERP Software.

We value true partnerships with our clients and work together to standardize over 100 best practices to provide peak technology performance and protection, while reducing downtime below 0.00017%.

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Technology Partnership You Need Technology Partnership You Need

See Why Clients Have Trusted One Step Secure IT for 36 Years and Counting

There is Nothing More Important to a Business Owner than Peace of Mind

I think the advantage [of working with One Step Secure IT] is really having someone help us understand and work through all the holes in our system and how we plug them because prior to that, you just feel like a sitting duck and you have no idea what to do to stop the hackers.

I believe it was the right thing to do [to choose One Step Secure IT] and that we have the right services [to protect our business]. We have not had any incidents since.

It’s really a nice level of security knowing that we’ve done the most that we can do for our size, for what we do—we are doing the most that we can do to protect ourselves.


Sandra Wycoff

Chatham T Company

A Clear Path to Success

When I first started with Antelope Point Marina, I quickly noticed that we did not have a sound IT system or infrastructure. To sum it up best, we were antiquated in our IT solutions.

After having One Step Secure IT come in to evaluate our current situation, they were able to outline a clear path to where we needed to be and identify the best solution to do so quickly. Ultimately, we went from outdated systems to state of the art in a period of a few months.

I would recommend One Step Secure IT to anyone looking to dust off their IT infrastructure. It has been a complete turnaround for our business—they are great to work with and we could not be happier with their support.

Ken Runnels Headshot

Ken Runnels

Chief Administrator Antelope Point Marina

Keep Bad Actors from Playing a Negative Role in Your Business

Ever since One Step Secure IT has been integrated into our business, they have completely shut down numerous malicious attacks meant to manipulate and ultimately destroy our operating systems.

In addition to cybersecurity defenses, One Step Secure IT support staff is their best obvious asset, along with a strong knowledge base to enable that support—prompt response, courteous, and always efficient. They are excellent to work with.

Aerospace Company Logo

Olen Nelson

Vice President N2 Aero

Not a Worry in the World

The best thing about our partnership with One Step Secure IT is not having to ever worry about our technology. We feel protected and confident that they have us covered.

Problems are few and far between, but if we do need their help for anything, they are there for us IMMEDIATELY!

Simply put, I would highly recommend One Step Secure IT to any business that depends on their technology to produce results.

Alfred Chan Headshot

Alfred Chan

Stefano Ricci