Cyber attacks have become an inevitable threat to businesses of all sizes. Although organizations have become more proactive in obtaining sufficient cybersecurity to protect themselves against cybercriminals, many businesses still downplay the severity of cyber risks. No matter how staggering recent cyber statistics have been or how scary the data breach horror stories have become—not all companies have come to terms with how serious of an issue cyber attacks are. 

After all, if they haven’t experienced a cyber incident by now, it’s pretty unlikely that it will happen… 

“I’ll take Famous Last Words for $1000.” 

Regardless of your company’s appetite for risk, it’s undeniable that cyber attacks are more frequent and better disguised today than any year prior. To add fuel to the fire, the costs associated with a breach are also worsening.  

When a breach is first reported, our eyes quickly scan a news story, racing to find the high price tag for that specific cyber incident. Damages will commonly exceed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars—and yes, that includes small businesses. And as harsh as the dollar amount can seem, it doesn’t include the full range of costs related to the aftermath of a cyber attack. 

In the video below, Scott Kreisberg—CEO of One Step Secure IT, explains why the initial costs of a cyber attack may only be the tip of the iceberg and why these five, often overlooked costs can be the most damaging to your business.



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