Are your employees actively engaged in your company's cybersecurity?  

Engaging your employees in cybersecurity is a complex but crucial endeavor. Despite common misconceptions, cybersecurity remains one of the most vital components of any business.

Promoting a culture of cybersecurity is key to keeping your organization safe and secure in the digital age. Between phishing attacks, business email compromises, social media scams, and credential theft—it is imperative that your employees be educated and prepared.

Building a 'human firewall' is thus critically important. 


Steps to engage your employees in Cybersecurity:

1. (Personal Benefits) Show them what’s in it for them 

Highlight how cybersecurity training can protect not only the company but also the personal accounts of employees. Emphasize the value of the information for their own safety and security.


2. (Universal Risk) Educate them that no one is immune

It’s not a question of "if" but "when" a cyberattack happens.  Make it clear that it can happen to anyone. Employees need to know how to respond swiftly and effectively to minimize damage.


3. (Reporting and Mitigation) Teach them to report and shut down cyber threats

Along with the above, ensure that there is a structured and accessible training plan for employees, and keep it updated. Regular security training and simulated attacks can be invaluable in ensuring employees know what to look for and are always staying alert. 


4. (Onboarding Training) Incorporate awareness training as part of the new hire process

Cybersecurity awareness should start early. Integrating it into the onboarding process is effective, especially as new employees access accounts, create passwords, and familiarize themselves with company procedures.


make cybersecurity training EFFECTIVE:

  • AUTOMATE IT - Implement weekly tips and reminders to keep cybersecurity top of mind.
  • TEST IT - Use simulated phishing attacks to regularly assess your employees' skills.
  • OUTSOURCE IT - Engage cybersecurity professionals to provide comprehensive training.

Persuading employees to prioritize cybersecurity is challenging amidst their own tasks and deadlines. However, never underestimate the importance of training and educating them about their role in the organization's cybersecurity.

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