Who is Central Arizona Supply?

Since 1968, the family-owned business has operated as a plumbing wholesale and distributor. Central Arizona Supply’s professionals also sell to customers and assist them in finding products to fit their kitchen or bath design needs.

Jonathan Zamora oversees the IT department at the company.

My role is ensuring that the systems and our IT infrastructure stay up and running. I’m also responsible for looking forward to the future for any new technology, upgrading our old technology, and keeping us on the path toward growth, he said.


Technology Keeps Businesses Moving

After Central Arizona Supply purchased a business in Tucson with two locations, Zamora found himself in a sticky situation— dealing with multiple email platforms and needing to integrate to get everyone on the same email system.

We needed some extra help with IT—it was a very niche project that we were working on…we just did not have enough hands to deal with something like this, Zamora said.


After a few meetings with One Step’s IT experts, Zamora said all of his questions were answered, and he felt confident that they could handle the job, which freed him up to work on other projects.

It was perfect and simple. We had a few conversations and a prep meeting where we just provided whatever resources or information [One Step] asked for, and that was pretty much it. The One Step team handled everything else, Zamora said.


The Benefits of a Stress-Free Project

When it comes to finding an IT company that you can trust and rely on, it can be challenging. However, after several conversations with the team, Zamora felt confident that One Step Secure IT could get the job done.

Getting the actual work done was really easy—you guys pretty much handled all of it from start to finish. It was not a whole lot of anything that I had to do–just get the updates—it was great, he said.

Integrating multiple businesses into one email platform can be a stressful and time-consuming experience, but with the help of One Step Secure IT, Central Arizona Supply was operating on one email platform quickly and without issue.

Everything is a lot easier now, and it’s great to have everybody on the same system, he said. The team was really knowledgeable, and I could easily work with them again. I know they have a lot more experience than even the project we had — they handle much more complicated efforts than this project — that made it so easy.

Central AZ Supply is happy with how One Step Secure IT handled their needs and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again on future projects, Zamora said.

Benefits of Partnering with an Outside IT Team

Having an in-house IT team makes handling everyday IT issues and troubleshooting problems much easier, but because IT is such a broad field, it is unlikely that one IT team has expertise in every aspect of IT or has the time to tackle all projects.

The Central Arizona Supply IT team did not have the resources to handle an email merge so they brought in outside help for the project.

Co-Managed IT is a way for growing companies to get additional help from experienced IT professionals who can help them build, maintain, and manage their servers in the most cost-effective way.

Co-Managed IT Services are a great option for companies looking to save money and improve their IT capabilities without having to increase staff or invest in expensive tools.

With Co-Managed IT, businesses can take advantage of the latest technology while maintaining control over their systems and environment. This makes it easier for them to focus on business growth, knowing that there is always someone there to help when they need it.

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