Help In Healing Home

Located on the Mayo Clinic campus in Phoenix, Help In Healing Home (HIHH), a nonprofit organization focused on creating a nurturing sanctuary for transplant and cancer patients, took charge of its technology.

In an organization devoted to supporting individuals during their most vulnerable moments, technology's reliability is foundational. It allows HIHH to concentrate on its mission — to inspire healing through comradery for its patients in an affordable, caring, home-like setting.

A dependable IT partner empowers HIHH to prioritize creating a comforting and healing environment for its guests, with fewer distractions from technical concerns.

Enter One Step Secure IT, an IT and cybersecurity service provider guiding HIHH on its mission to fortify its technology infrastructure. The partnership between HIHH and One Step Secure IT illustrates how their collaboration not only optimized daily operations but also paved the way for a future of high-quality care and seamless connectivity.


Dedicated to Making a Difference

Help In Healing Home creates a comforting, home-like environment for transplant and cancer patients. Each "casita" offers a comfortable and affordable place for both patients and their caregivers, making it ideal for those traveling long distances for treatment in the Phoenix metro area.

“It really makes a difference in their recovery. It’s an extremely fulfilling role, working here at Help In Healing Home,” said President and Chief Operating Officer John Karolzak. 

John works closely with One Step Secure IT’s virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to create a plan for upgrading old technology, securing their network, and achieving Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

With this technological enhancement, Help In Healing Home remains dedicated to providing the highest level of support and comfort to patients during their challenging journeys.


Maximizing Efficiency through Dedicated IT Support

John emphasized the significant advantage of having a single, dependable point of contact at One Step who promptly attends to any issues or concerns.

HIHH works closely with a dedicated Network Administrator (Net Admin) who ensures systems are updated, technology is functioning, and servers are maintained. One Step’s understanding of HIHH’s systems and network makes it possible for them to remotely access and troubleshoot various systems effectively.

John's trust in his Net Admin is evident in the decision to include him on the HIHH Cox Internet account. This empowers the Net Admin to swiftly address any Cox-related issues, eliminating the need for a middle person and delivering time-saving efficiency.

“I know that some other nonprofits will work with an organization, and when they call, they get a call center, and they may get a different person every time they call who’s not familiar with the relationship or the technology onsite,” John said. “That can become very frustrating. It’s easy to just direct dial your point of contact — your IT partner — and be able to achieve a resolution quickly.”


Crucial Network Connectivity Supporting Daily Operations & Guests

Reliable network connectivity is crucial at Help In Healing Home, where they rely on a minimum of four online platforms for efficient organization management. These platforms cover guest reservations, scheduling, fundraising, and accounting and are essential tools for daily operations. Maintaining reliable and secure access to these platforms is of utmost importance, given the sensitive information they store.

When it comes to the guests HIHH serves, John emphasized the importance of having reliable and stable internet connectivity not only in the office but across the campus.

“When you look at the caretakers here and the guests, some of them are actually still working remotely for their job, so any downtime with our internet connectivity is challenging for our guests,” he said. 

If any issues arise, One Step Secure IT’s Net Admin works to resolve them quickly and effectively. This ensures HIHH’s operations can get back on track with little downtime and minimal disruptions to employees and guests.


Safeguarding Financial Transactions and Reputation with PCI Compliance

Compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations and the ability to conduct seamless financial transactions is crucial for any organization, and the potential risk of losing that capability would have dire consequences. Not only would it disrupt day-to-day operations, but it could also harm financial stability, reputation, and relationships with clients and partners.

“We do handle financial transactions, and when I joined the organization, we were not PCI compliant,” John said. “Now we’re not at risk to have the bank turn off our ability to run financial transactions because that would be financially devastating for the organization.”

HIHH benefits from the expertise of a dedicated compliance advisor who not only facilitates their alignment with PCI requirements but also offers continuous guidance to elevate their cybersecurity standards. Furthermore, routine vulnerability scans of their network enable One Step to promptly detect security issues and develop effective remediation plans.

Becoming PCI compliant brings HIHH in line with industry standards and ensures the security of financial data and transactions.


Bridging the IT Gap with Enterprise-Level Service for Small to Medium-Sized Organizations

Before joining the HIHH team, John worked for a billion-dollar private-sector public health organization for 34 years before retiring from that position. His experience provided insight into how enterprise-level organizations handle security, protect sensitive information, and prepare for the possibility of a cyber attack. In that position, John had the support of a full in-house security team, which included a Chief Information Officer (CIO).

“It wasn’t even a concern in that role. If we needed anything, the CIO had a strategic plan, etcetera, etcetera…” he said. “When you look at an organization like Help In Healing Home, obviously, we’re a very small nonprofit, so it just makes sense to have a good IT partner to be able to ensure that your technology environment is A) functional and B) secure, as well as being compliant.”

Smaller organizations and businesses often find it impractical to employ a full-time Chief Information Officer (CIO). Yet, the necessity for crucial aspects like security, network reliability, strategic planning, and compliance remains. Collaborating with a trusted third-party provider such as One Step Secure IT to access the expertise of a certified virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) can be invaluable in meeting these needs.


Optimized Technology and Dedicated Support 

The partnership between Help In Healing Home (HIHH) and One Step Secure IT has ushered in a new era of efficiency, security, and compliance for this compassionate nonprofit organization.

Their reliable internet, secure network, and PCI compliance now provide the necessary functionality for seamless daily operations. With a dedicated Network Administrator, HIHH benefits from efficient issue resolution.

This collaboration demonstrates how smaller organizations can access enterprise-level services for security, compliance, and technology needs. With One Step's support, HIHH can confidently steer toward the future, concentrating on upholding PCI compliance and network security, thereby ensuring they can consistently deliver top-notch care to their guests.